Software Consulting

We offer one-off training or implementation staffing engagements, with deep experience in finance, human resources, payroll, report writing, workflow, web form development, and more.

Business Process Reengineering

During Business Process Re-engineering, or BPR, Koa Hills Consulting will review your organization’s business processes, and make recommendations which can help the organization operate more efficiently and with less expense moving forward.

A software implementation presents an ideal opportunity for an organization to improve processes and leverage new functionality, rather than cementing outdated processes into a new system. There is a tendency to try to replicate the outdated processes of the previous, legacy system when implementing a new system because clients are often unaware of better or different options. One of the goals of BPR is to discourage this practice and push clients to be innovative, yet practical, when developing the new processes associated with the new system.

Project Management

By partnering with Koa Hills Consulting, a company with the experience of over 100 software implementations, you have proven project management that can bring your project to completion, on-time and on-budget.

A project can be defined as a problem scheduled for solution. Project management means we define the job, plan the work to be done, and control the work according to plan.

There are several aspects of a project which need be managed, including the project scope, the time-line for when it will be completed, a detailed work schedule, cost management, personnel management, a communication plan, and a plan for how to keep track of it all. A project manager must come up with contingency plans in the event of unexpected challenges. They must also manage the procurement process, which entails figuring out what needs to be purchased, and how to handle contracts and invoices.

Ultimately, Koa Hills Consulting takes responsibility for planning and managing your project in order to deliver success.

Financial Software Consulting

Koa Hills Consulting has dozens of years of experience with ERP solutions, and can help guide you in the use of your new or existing financial and personnel solution. We have experts in general ledger, procurement, disbursements, inventory management, asset management, payroll, human resources, and more. Koa Hills has complete knowledge of all aspects of the software, and experience with all phases of a project.

Furthermore, Koa Hills Consulting has a comprehensive understanding of how organizations like yours actually use the system, and utilizes these best practices to help your organization get the most out of its system.

Koa Hills has expertise in all stages of the ERP system lifecycle, from needs analysis and project planning to post-live support: training, documentation, web form and workflow development, reporting and more.

Web Development

Koa Hills has proven experience in developing enterprise-level system designed to deliver the information you need via the web. Pairing our developers with proven project management and quality assurance testing ensures success in your project. Technologies include .NET, Object Oriented PHP, Zend Framework, PDO, database design, wireframing, system design/GUI, Javascript/jQuery, AJAX, Web Services (SOAP), XML, usability standards, HTML, and CSS.

Report / Workflow / Web Form Development

Koa Hills Consulting offers full development packages for reports, workflows, and web forms. All aspects of report, workflow and web form development are expertly managed and delivered, from specification to utilization. Koa Hills Consulting references best practices to leverage reports, workflows or web forms and introduce efficiency to your organization’s financial system. Koa Hills offers expert navigation through the development process.

Software Development

When your systems cannot provide the out-of-the-box functionality your organization needs, Koa Hills Consulting can provide software development resources to create the unique functionality you need. Koa Hills will work with you to create the specifications and deliver a solution as you imagine it.

Requests for Proposal

Creating a Request for Proposal for a product as complex as a financial system can be an arduous task. An understanding of features and shortcomings of vendors and their systems is needed in order to pose the questions necessary to satisfy stakeholders’ needs. It is often a sound investment to secure a knowledgeable consultant to assist in the RFP creation process. Koa Hills Consulting can help you navigate the process of creating an RFP which will position you to select the best solution for your organization.