Project Management

By partnering with Koa Hills Consulting, a company with the experience of over 100 software implementations, you have proven project management that can bring your project to completion, on-time and on-budget.

A project can be defined as a problem scheduled for solution. Project management means we define the job, plan the work to be done, and control the work according to plan.

There are several aspects of a project which need be managed, including the project scope, the time-line for when it will be completed, a detailed work schedule, cost management, personnel management, a communication plan, and a plan for how to keep track of it all. A project manager must come up with contingency plans in the event of unexpected challenges. They must also manage the procurement process, which entails figuring out what needs to be purchased, and how to handle contracts and invoices.

Ultimately, Koa Hills Consulting takes responsibility for planning and managing your project in order to deliver success.