Managed Services

Koa Hills offers a broad range of managed services to bring stability, resiliency, and confidence to any sized organization. Managed services includes remote system and database administration, SAP Basis administration, strategic IT planning, enterprise-wide strategic planning, business continuity services, enterprise-wide IT security including incident management, strategic IT security planning, compliance, and penetration testing.

Business Continuity Services

Koa Hills can assist your organization in planning for the unplanned. Koa Hills will perform a risk analysis of your organization in the event of an unplanned event that prevents normal business operations. We take this analysis and develop a business continuity plan to be following in the event of a disaster. Koa Hills can also help you prepare a comprehensive technical disaster recovery to be followed in the event of a disaster as well as perform periodic testing at a recover locations.

Enterprise-wide IT Security

Koa Hills can provide a complete security analysis audit report for your organization. This is a useful exercise made in preparation for compliance audits across your organization. The evaluation determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization’s goals or objectives.

Strategic IT Planning

We offer a broad range of strategic IT planning to our clients. Koa Hills’ offerings bring stability , resiliency, and confidence to organizations of any size. We’re focused on partnering with our clients to bring common sense IT strategic planning and mulit-year road map development for a clear path forward. We are experts in defining policy and procedures, organization structure, IT procurement standardization, redundancy identification, and more.