ExecuTime Software

Koa Hills Consulting is an authorized reseller and implementer of ExecuTime’s time, attendance and scheduling systems to K-12 organizations nationwide. With ExecuTime you can immediately create efficiencies and savings across your organization, while better managing your most valuable resource, your employees. Koa Hills can help you maximize the value of your investment by ensuring that you leverage the system effectively. We ensure success through our strong project management and implementation methodology.

ExecuTime provides seamlessly-integrated, all-inclusive solutions. Features include:

  • Leave time inquiry, requests, management, and calendars
  • Apply and track job costing, projects, positions, accounts, and more
  • Time rounding, automatic deductions, shift differentials, and overtime
  • Enhanced policy configuration for 24×7 complexities and unionized departments
  • Timesheet approval by transaction or by group
  • Audit trails and reporting
  • “Who’s Here” inquiries
  • Holiday schedules and bulk transaction entry
  • Group messages and email notifications
  • Supervisor and payroll department management tools and controls

For more information on Executime, contact us at (888) 715-2224.